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Helping individuals and small companies boost their online presence so they can focus on their business.

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From web design to development, we help you create professional, SEO compliant, and eye catching website that will effectively promote your products and services to your target audience.


We create effective graphic designs that will contribute to your products and services. Our designs for social media graphics, banners, supplement labels, and other promotional materials will help boost awareness and sales for your products and services.


We offer hosting and management of your website, so you can focus more on your business, from updating, backups and security scans we got you covered.

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About Us

We are a Christchurch based web design agency with over a decade of experience helping businesses boost their online presence, at Excel Art Studio, we make every effort to analyze the factors which determine the potential success of each business.

We thoroughly research and understand your target market as well as the niche that you wish to compete in. We will use this information to develop a strategy that will help your business grow successfully.

Because we understand the fact that online marketing success is not defined exclusively by having a good looking website, we, along with our partners, will make every effort to make sure that your site is marketed to the widest number of potential consumer.

So whether you require website design, print design solutions, or user experience design, we have the experience, skills and resources to help your business succeed.

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